Fulbright Restorative Justice Project in India; Need for Funding

Originally posted on December 22, 2011

The Restorative Justice Project and Project Trust in India, 2012 

The National Law Universities of India

The Fulbright Commission, Council for the International Exchange of Scholars,

United States Department of State

The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred.org) 

Overview of the Restorative Justice Project and Project Trust

The Restorative Justice Project was conceived as joint effort of the National Law Universities (NLU) of India, of which there are fourteen throughout India, and the U.S. Fulbright Commission, Council for the International Exchange of Scholars. Martin E. Price, J.D., of Charlotte, North Carolina was appointed as the Fulbright Professor, Senior Specialist to lead the Project. The Project arose from the recognition by leaders in criminal law reform and legal education in India that Restorative Justice, a global movement with over 6,000 programs, is needed in India. There are currently no Restorative Justice programs in India. The Project begins officially on January 2, 2012 and will be from six to twelve months in duration, depending upon a number of factors including funding.

Goals and Activities of the Restorative Justice Project in India

  • Introduce Restorative Justice as a framework for Criminal Law Reform, Alternatives to Incarceration and Re-Examining the Death Penalty into the curricula and the culture of the National Law Universities and the criminal justice system in India.
  • Teach culturally appropriate graduate and undergraduate courses and train faculty at as many of the NLUs as possible within the time frame of the Project.
  • Present regional Restorative Justice Conferences at most, if not all, of the NLUs, inviting judges, prosecutors, the criminal law bar, corrections officials, counselors and other professionals in all fields concerned with criminal justice, crime victims, offenders, concerned community leaders and concerned community members
  • Speak to the Legislatures and Judiciaries at the State and Federal levels (invited)
  • Establish a nation-wide Restorative Justice movement with a network of active programs sponsored and supported by the NLUs, including Restorative Justice clinical programs in the NLUs

Overview of Project Trust

“Hurt people hurt other people.” Most offenders have been victims at some time in their lives, often suffering from undiagnosed depression and often leading to self-destructive behavior including criminal acts. Crimes from the least severe to the most heinous have broad impacts for victims, their loved ones, friends, neighbors and community. These commonly include a loss of trust in their safety and security. Not surprisingly, depression is one of the most common reactions to victimization. Restorative Justice can help to break this cycle.

Urban India is in the process of adopting Western lifestyles that include high-tech industrialization, excessive working hours, oppressive working conditions and a high level of materialism. Not surprisingly, depression is becoming widespread in urban India.

Activities of Project Trust

Educate about depression and about the relationship between depression, trust, criminal behavior and victimization as an essential component of the activities of the Restorative Justice Project in India

Getting the word out about the Restorative Justice Project and Project Trust

Regular blog postings about the events of the trip and the Projects, sharing learning, personal growth experiences and cultural awakenings about India and the people of India, particularly as related to the Projects

Semi-regular photo-essays about Life, Justice, Injustice, and Transformation in India

Need for Additional Funding

To sustain these Projects beyond their initial phase, additional funding is needed. If you feel so moved, please make a contribution through the “Donate Now” link on the VORP.com home page or contact Marty Price, martyprice@vorp.com, to learn about specific ways that your contribution can support these transformational Projects and make a difference not only in India, but in the world.

The links to a one-hour online radio interview with “yours truly” about Restorative Justice and the Project in India:


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